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Phones and Tablets

Smart Phones and tablets range from around £50 to well over £1000. Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) are the two main operating systems for smart phones, tablets have PadOS (Apple), Android and FireOS (Amazon). All have their advantages and even though Amazons offering is a fork of Android its user experience is quite different.

There are also ‘dumb phones’. Not everyone wants or needs all the features a smartphone has. These phones can still have an internet connection and come with some basic apps like Facebook or WhatsApp.

A brief description of each is below or jump straight to my services.

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Apple make their own devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) and the software (PadOS, iOS etc) and all their devices integrate with each other very well. Typically Apple products are a lot more expensive than other manufacturers with a lot of people saying you’re paying for the brand. The advantage with Apple is they offer software upgrades far longer than most keeping your device secure for longer.



Android is the name of the software developed by Google. It is licenced out to many manufacturers who can modify it to suite their needs. Google also have their own range of phones (Pixel). The advantage with this is there are a huge number of phones available for almost any budget. There is also Android Go which is a cut down version that will work on low end phones with smaller memory and processing power. The disadvantage is updates can be slow or non existent, although this has got better in recent years.

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Amazon Fire OS

Fire OS is only on Amazon tablets. No phones are available (Amazon tried a few years ago but it was a bit of a failure). These are relatively cheap tablets aimed at consuming media. They are setup and work best with an Amazon Prime membership, but this is not needed. Amazon also do a kids version with built in software to keep kids safe, and offers two years replacement whatever happens; even if it gets thrown out of a window!


I can help with getting the most out of your phone or tablet, as with all my services advice and recommendations are free so please contact me. I can also offer the following at great prices in the comfort of your own home,

Setup including kids accounts
Adding and removing apps
Friendly tuition tailored to you
Photo backup
Email or other services setup
Demo Android, iOS or FireOS


£65 for the first hour then £45ph charged every 1/2 hour.

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