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WiFi and Network

Out of the box from your internet provider home networks often just work. There are times where you may want something more bespoke or the Wi-Fi doesn’t quite reach where you want.


Routers are the part that connects all of your devices together and the gateway out to the internet. Sometimes they aren’t quite up to the job, maybe with online gaming or reaching certain areas of the house. Upgrading for another router or mesh system is possible or adding a wired network for greater reliability.
If you are using my computer repair service why not have a quick network checkup at the same time?

Don't hesitate to contact me if you cannot connect however you want. I can help with the following;

Mesh network supply and installation

Router upgrade
Network expansion
Router configuration
Connecting peripherals such as printers

Network security


£65 for the first hour then £45ph charged by 1/2 hour.

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