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Home Entertainment

Home entertainment has come along way in the past few years. Nearly all TVs are smart and you can stream pretty much any movie ever filmed. The home technology that has enabled this has become common place in most homes in the UK. TVs, projectors, sound bars, home media players and receivers, music and video streaming services all add to an amazing entertainment experience.


There are many considerations when choosing a new TV, gone are the days when it was just a choice of screen size. There is the resolution HD, 4K, 8K, the screen technology LED, OLED, QLED, LCD, how many input ports, what apps it supports and now there are ones, if you have the money, that roll themselves up when not in use.


Projectors are a popular choice in home entertainment if you don’t want a huge tele but like a film on a big screen. With UST (Ultra Short Throw) you only need the projector a few centimetres from the screen while still able to achieve a 100 inch plus picture. This also means no shadows on the screen and they can be setup in a far smaller space than a traditional long throw projector. Also LED and laser technology means no worrying about lamp life as these last over 20,000 hours. As with TVs there is a choice of different resolutions, inputs and apps but you will also have to factor in the cost of a sound system and how you are going to play your content on the projector.


If you want to improve the sound in your home entertainment setup then some sort of sound system is needed. Sound bars are the easiest way to achieve this by easily connecting to the TV by bluetooth, HDMI or optical. They can be a single unit that sits below the TV or have an extra sub woofer to provide an extra punch of bass. Then there’s the more complicated surround sound system with multiple speakers around the room and a separate amplifier. These can be as many as 14 speakers! Here is a good explanation to the speaker setups available. Both systems have choices of decoding different Dolby and DTX technologies, have a choice of inputs and outputs, and numerous settings to tailor the sound to your liking.
Adding to this, there are speaker systems from Apple (HomePod), Amazon (Alexa) and Google (Nest) that can also connect to your TV or just have as a stand alone system.

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Personal Media

It’s possible to stream your own personal media around your house or even remotely. Using a home entertainment media server such as Plex or DNLA. If you have a large music or video library or even your own photos and videos this can be streamed to other PCs, smart TVs, phones or streaming sticks. Software can be loaded onto many devices to make a media server so costs can be kept very low. For example a Raspberry Pi can be a great little server for very little money. Most smart TVs are able to receive the content or streaming sticks/media players, phones and tablets are also great for viewing

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Streaming Services

Streaming is now huge and in the majority of households. There are many choices offered for streaming music, TV shows and films to your home entertainment. There are paid or free services, both offer a huge amount of content. Not all services are available on all devices and costs do vary with monthly subscriptions, rentals or one off purchaces. With so many available please contact me and I can go through the best options for you and what’s needed.

Why not see if I can help, I don’t supply any hardware but can recommend, setup and demo*.

*Setup and Demo £65 for the first hour then £45ph charged every 1/2 hour.

No hardware or parts supplied.

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