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Buying Advice

Are you looking for some new home tech or a gadget?  Buying advice on mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computing, home entertainment, kitchen appliances, pretty much anything electrical. With everything seemingly ‘smart’ and so many choices it can become overwhelming. I can take some of the confusion out of all the choice with a totally unbiased, personal recommendation of products that can meet your needs and budget.


Contact me with all the details then I will tailor recommendations with the best products for you, your very own personal tech shopper!

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Below are a few ideas of what to think about when looking for a gadget.


Mobile Phones. With an endless number of phones on the market that’s constantly changing I can find a phone that will suit your budget and needs. Apple (iOS) or Android are the two main choices for a smartphone, but also understand not everyone needs or wants a smartphone so there are also options here too.


TVs. Whether you are looking for a top of the range 4k 70” or a smaller more basic model I can point you in the right direction. TVs come with different resolutions, inputs/outputs, screen technology and built in apps.


Tablets. Like mobile phones there are many choices here and three main types to choose from. Apple iPad, Android tablets and Amazon Fire tablets. Android has a huge choice from many manufacturers like Samsung, Lenovo and Acer. Apple and Amazon have their own range of tablets specific to their software. All these tablets have pros and cons which I can help guide you through depending on your needs.


Computers. With a huge choice of manufacturers and specifications it can easily become very overwhelming when choosing a new PC or laptop. There’s the operating system; MacOS, Windows or Linux. Then memory, storage, graphics, processor, which for all these there are again many options. Other things to think about; is a laptop or desktop more suitable, a mini PC or tower or even a PC on a stick, the number of screens, connectivity and sound.


Home entertainment. There are many options you can get to enhance your home entertainment. Upgrade your listening experience with a sound bar or separate speaker setup and amp. Although TV speakers have greatly improved having a separate system can make a huge difference. These systems have different sound processing and can include technology from Dolby and DTS. The latest from Dolby is Atmos and DTS is DTS:X which both do an amazing job giving a cinema experience in your home. 


Projectors are becoming increasingly popular with prices falling and ultra short throw (UST) meaning you don’t need a huge space to create a home cinema.

Home streaming and DVD/Blu-ray can all add to your home entertainment experience and are incredibly popular with paid services like Netflix and Disney + or the free iPlayer or UKTV Play. You can also store all your own home media on a computer to view from your TV.


Adding any of this means being able to connect it together. HDMI is the main way to link everything, so it all “talks” to each other. Don’t be fooled in a shop that a more expensive HDMI cable will give you better quality sound or picture, it’s digital so it either works or it doesn’t! Just make sure it supports the latest standard. There are still some other ways to connect like scart and optical, but these are being used less and less.


Kitchen appliances are not quite as exciting as other home technology. They are more important though as I’m sure few people today could live without a fridge or washing machine. Fridges, freezers, washing machines are all becoming connected and with that more complex. Some people love to be able to control their washing machine from an app or see what’s in the fridge, others just want something that does the job. I can cater for both and recommend an appliance that suits your needs.

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Gadgets and technology don’t have to be brand new either. Great savings can be made on phones, computers and tablets if you don’t need the latest tech, get in touch and we can go through your requirements. 


It’s completely free so there’s nothing to lose, or for £40 I can accompany you to a shop for impartial advice on what’s in store or help order online. (I have a dbs check available on request)


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