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One of the less glamorous parts of tech to spend money on but backup is one of the most important. If you take photos, have videos, home media or important documents then keeping a backup copy is a must. There are many options, in the cloud, on a NAS (network attached storage), external hdd (hard disk drive).

Cloud Backup

There’s a whole host of online backup solutions. Depending on what you are backing up would make a difference in what service would be suitable for you. Google driveOnedriveiCloud and DropBox are a few that have limited free storage so are great for documents. These, along with many other services, offer subscriptions for a larger data allowance. Cloud or online backups have the advantage of being offsite, extremely secure, offer ransomware protection, automatically backup photos from smartphones and keep multiple copies so if the worst was to happen your data would be safe. The downsides are it costs (unless you only have a small amount of data), you need an internet connection and it can take a long time to upload and download large amounts of data.

NAS and external Hdd

Backing up to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or a usb Hdd can be a cheap and easy way. Once you have brought the hardware then there’s no ongoing charges and no requirement for the internet. If you want the process automated then some software will be needed. For home use free software or paid for is available.

Backup HDD.jpg

A USB Hdd or stick is the cheapest and easiest option but needs to be directly connected to a computer. Being connected by USB means that the data transfer can be far quicker than the other options.


A NAS is always connected to your network so multiple computers or phones can backup to it. NAS can also have multiple drives so they back themselves up incase of a Hdd failure, but they are more expensive and take a little more to initially setup.


Some home routers allow a USB Hdd to be attached and shared out to computers on the same network. This would then work like a single drive NAS.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, I don’t supply the hardware but can advice what you would need, set it up and show you how to use.


Setup and demo – £65 first hour then £45ph charged every 1/2 hour.

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